Hey there! I’m Sophia and I strongly dislike imagination play.

Okay, maybe I don’t dislike it as much as I just simply suck at it. No shame.

I am a mom of four who, just like every other parent out there, is doing everything wrong. According to the internet, at least. I can say pretty damn confidently that there is always something that I forget, that needs to be done, that is lost in the laundry pile (just kidding, it’s actually a mountain) or that someone in this house needs “RIGHT NOW”. For each of those failures normal mom occurrences, there is an area where I thrive. We all have areas where we thrive, other areas just need a bit of dedication and encouragement.

I fell in love with not only an amazing man but his children too and from there, we grew our family. I spend my days with our two youngest, forever playing and making messes. I would like to say that I have taught my children but really, they have taught me and continue to do so every day.  I discovered a passion for car seat safety while shopping for a car seat with no idea what I was doing. Now I help educate families and caregivers as a Child Passenger Safety Technician, judgment-free. I forget to take time for self-care and am really crummy with this whole grammar thing (consider this your one and only warning, read at your own discretion). I like to express myself through writing and won’t let grammar or the personal opinions of others get in my way with this or anything else for that matter!


We are in this together


So, you there! You who forgot to thaw something for dinner.

Who is braless more than you care to admit

Who hides stuff in your bedroom five minutes before company arrives.

Who has succumbed to the almighty laundry.

…but above all else totally rocks it – welcome home.

You are among your people. Come share my journey to fully embrace “mom” and “self” and live a happier, healthier you as a parent.



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Let's hang

Hello, friend.

sophia - life of sixA lover of love and kindness.
Fueled by coffee and wine.
Puns are life.
Fluent in sarcasm.
Striving for a world of less
judgment and more support.
Putting in my blood, sweat,
and tears to raise my babies
to be good human beings.

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